Viva Las Vegas!

Travel meets are always exciting for the athletes involved.  There is such a great sense of comradery. Friendships are made stronger and teams become closer.  Everyone is on hand to cheer for and support their team members. The sense of pride and feeling of confidence that just walking through an airport together, or entering a venue as a team, gives the athletes is beyond compare. That confidence often carries over into their performances.

Athletes revel in the chance to put their best routines up against international competition.  It is a great gauge of their progress in their individual disciplines.  But it isn’t just the competition that helps our athletes to grow. International meets give the athletes a chance to see the world and learn about what exists beyond our own country borders.  They have the opportunity to meet other athletes from different parts of the world and learn about their cultures.  Language differences don’t seem to be a barrier as athletes already share a common love of their sport.

As I write this article, the 1st Vegas Acro Cup is treating athletes, from all over the world, to the fabulous sights and sounds of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Held with the support of USA Gymnastics, the Vegas Acro Cup competition started on March 30th and carries through to April 2nd.  This World Cup Level Acro competition is being held at the gorgeous West Gate Resort & Casino Las Vegas, Pavilion Ballroom and, from the social media posts and the live competition feed, it is obvious it is a great success.  National, regional and club teams compete at senior, junior, age groups 1 & 2 and JO levels. They have the opportunity to showcase their skills in a massive, 45,000 sq. ft. competition and training venue, on 3 FIG certified floors.

What a perfect venue for Acrobatic Gymnastics!  Apart from gambling, Vegas is known for its gorgeous shows.  It is home to high flying, glitzy circus acts and is famous for its beauty, its sparkle, and its entertainment! Being host to a World Cup level Acro competition is a perfect fit. Every day singers and dancers, circus acts and magicians regale visitors with spectacles featuring unimaginable tricks and incredible talent. It was time to add a little competition the mix.  Athletes from Australia, Great Britain, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Nigeria and the USA are dazzling the audience with their own shows, packed full of spectacular lifts and throws, stunning choreography, incredible feats of balance and a beautiful display of graceful strength and flexibility.

Many thanks to the event organizers and volunteers for hosting such a great event and many congratulations to all of the athletes competing!

Article by Kim Hughes Nash


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