I’m all ’bout that Base

Are you guilty of focussing all your attention on the Tops?  

Not me!!

“I’m all ‘bout that” Base!

I’m dedicating this blog to the formerly un-”sung” heros!  Kudos to singer Meghan Trainor and her catchy lyrics for encouraging us to look a little lower!

Andrew Brown-LaPalme (age 11) is the base in a Level 7 Men’s Pair with Adrian Riccio (age 7).  They won a gold Medal at the Second Ontario Cup in Woodbridge, ON on March 19th!!   However, Andrew was quick to point out that theirs was a category of one.  “You can think of it as either we came in first or we came in last!”  LOL

men's pair
men’s pair with 11 year old male acro base


All joking aside, Andrew understands the inherent responsibility of being a base, “What’s most important is to keep your balance as long as you can – more than you are supposed to!”


I asked him why he liked being the base.  Andrew’s answer was very matter-of-fact and speaks to his self-confidence and physical strength.  Not everybody can hold someone on top of their head!  Which he then followed up by saying:  And…
it’s fun to throw people around!


Someone Andrew can look up (or down) to is 17 year old, Alexandra d’Souza.  She is the base for the Senior Acro Women’s Trio who competed in China at Worlds last year. Alex started Acro at age 10 with the dream of being one of the “big girls” training and competing at a high level.  Like Andrew, she knew at a young age that she wanted to be the base.  There’s just something about being a base that amazes Alex.  She reflected on how much strength, focus, and responsibility is required.  In a balance, it all depends on you, the base, to keep still and strong so that no one falls.   

Alexandra d’Souza
Alexandra d’Souza, Acro Trio Base


It doesn’t seem to matter if you are 11 or 17, Alex could not agree more with Andrew,  “I think I’d go crazy if I couldn’t throw someone around everyday!”  


Be sure to check out “that Base” at Nationals! Their strength, balance, and skill will captivate you too!  


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